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‘Spectre’ has a new trailer and, c’mon, how isn’t Christoph Waltz Blofeld?

That shadowy figurein the centerof this image from the Bond film "Spectre" is Chri

We’re not going to over-overanalyze the second trailer for the next Bond film, “Spectre,” except to say that things still look too funereal. “Skyfall,” the third in the rebooted Daniel Craig era, ended with what looked like some semblance of inner peace — as though 007 had finally gotten over his demons, or at least enough to engage in some of more classic Bond film derring-’do, unstirred martini-swilling and utterly guiltless sex. And yet here he is, stomping around moody locations, being told by whoever Christoph Waltz’s baddie is supposed to be (Blofeld? Not Blofeld?) that he’s “the author of his pain.” (Which is from a Police song, right?)

Anyway, none of us will know until October 26 if this is a slightly lighter romp or if it continues the brooding intensity of Craig’s other three. (As long as it’s not joyless, a la “Quantum of Solace,” our vote for the series’ nadir — and that includes non-canonical titles like the inflated 1968 parody “Casino Royale.”) And look, there’s snow! Snow and Bond tend to go well together, as witness the Swiss Alps bulk of “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” — our pick for the series’ apex — the Italian Alps stretch of “For Your Eyes Only,” the skiing opening of “The Spy Who Loved Me” and, well, ulp, the opening of “A View to a Kill,” aka the one where Roger Moore (or his far, far, far younger double) snowboards to a terrible cover of “California Girls.”

But back, briefly, to Waltz, it’s been rumored he’s Blofeld, which claims Waltz has adamantly denied. But c’mon. This is the first time in the Craig run that criminal super-organization SPECTRE (it’s an acronym, not a word, lowercase title be damned) has made an appearance, in part because there were about 30 years where, thanks to headache-inducing legal red tape, Blofeld was not able to be used by Eon, the company that owns the film wing of the Bond franchise. They made a big deal of it, hired a super-hammy (but respectable) actor, dressed him in what we can now see is a Blofeld-y costume…you tell us

Anyway, this might be like that time when everyone behind “Star Trek into Darkness” was all like, “No, no, no, Benedict Cumerbatch is definitely not playing Kahn,” only he was and then when they revealed it halfway through the movie everyone slapped their head. On the other hand, if this all pans out, then HOLY CRAP, Christoph Waltz is a PERFECT Blofeld!

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