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Spend a night in a NYC taxi for $39

Can’t afford a hotel room in one of the most expensive cities? NYC comedian found a creative solution. Since real-estate is so pricey, why not stay in a car? On Airbnb, the comedian lists vehicles for tourists to sleep in. He even aspires to have comedy shows in them — they would probably be the smallest venues in New York.

The comedian, Jonathan Powley, wrote on Facebook that his cool hotel cab “always fills up fast.” Though the cab lacks hotel room essentials, notably a bathroom, you can find a full-sized bed and “comfy pillows,” according to airbnb.

The listing on Airbnb is priced at $39 dollars a night. While a pretty pricey cab fare, for a hotel room, it’s a huge bargain and “don’t worry — the meter is not running,” joked Powley. Another vehicle priced at $39 is his “beautiful conversion sleep van,” that accommodates three guests. For a more expensive stay, Jonathan also lists an 1979 camper, accommodating four people, priced at $89 dollars a night.

All vehicles are parked near the East River in Long Island City, Queens. The stunning views wowed previous guests, according to reviews on Airbnb.

Airbnb user George bursted out some poetry based on his experience: “In the morning, Manhattan looks amazing as it shimmers in the light of the rising sun.

Monica on Airbnb shared his enthusiasm: “It was one of the best experiences of my life! Just the view and the park across the road are totally worth it plus the van is lovely and full of nice details, a must do if you like this kind of stuff!

Powley, who asks you to be his Facebook friend on his website, has many FB fans as well. The Facebook users were impressed by his profile pic of the “taxi hotel.”

Barbara Rios enthusiastically wrote “very creative!!” with two teeth-baring smiley faces.

Mark Christie commented, “the mystery of JP!”

“Sleep tight!” exclaimed Hyun Su Lee.

Whether safe or not, it is a novel way to spend a night in the city that never sleeps.

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