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Spider-Man’s web shooters get real

spider man web shooter Patrick Priebe made a real-life Spider-Man web shooter.
Credit: Patrick Priebe

Patrick Priebe is the new Spider-Man – in terms of gadgetry, at least. The German lab technician has created a working web shooter, which fires pellets and a harpoon-tipped, retractable fishing line instead of a liquid web. Far from requiring any actual superpowers, the web-slinging contraption is a battery-run coil gun that is powered through electromagnetism. Metro nets the everyday tech guru — behind the website laser-gadgets.com — for a chat about all things superhero.

The real Spider-Man catches bad guys, so do you use the web shooter to clean the streets of pests?

[Laughs] The only thing that you’ll be grappling with is an apple.

Could you switch on the TV with the pellets or fishing line?

That actually might work. You could also grapple magnetic objects with the fishing line. The only problem is that they might shatter on impact.

No beer cans then… Do you try out any Kick-Ass movie-style stunts?

I do a lot of sports like hockey, which is dangerous in its own way. But those stunts are way too extreme for me.

The Batman Vs. Superman movie is out in the near future. Who’s going to win?

Batman is too grumpy; Superman is the best of all heroes — he would kick everyone’s ass. He has x-ray vision.

Can you create the Superman-style laser eyes?

I have made laser eyewear. It’s like Cyclops from X-Men, which works pretty well. It’s very dangerous that’s why I don’t show how people to do it on my website.

Any danger of your gadgets causing actual harm?

Well, the web shooter emits 350 volts and can shock you to death!

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