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Sponging up cleaning tips

Greetings from Asia!

Yesterday, while having lunch at the new Andaz Hotel here in Shanghai, I had the honour to be with three wonderful local journalists.

Lunch started off as most business lunches do with pleasant conversation, but within the first 10 minutes one of the journalists leaned over and said, “Charles, as a professional butler, how do you clean a kitchen sponge?”

At first I was a little taken back, and then I laughed.

Why did I laugh? Well I started thinking to myself that despite literally being on the other side of the world from home, we all have the same questions in our daily lives.

So how do you clean sponges?

Well, it is rather simple really.

1. Wash you sponge under warm running water with dish soap.

2. Take the wet sponge and twist most of the water out.

3. Put the moist sponge in the microwave on full power for 60-90 seconds.

4. Let it dry on your kitchen counter.

Now one thing to always remember: don’t keep sponges for too long.

Lucky enough sponges are generally inexpensive and so after a period of time (I change mine pending use every two to four weeks) they should be replaced, but it is important to clean them daily as they can harbour germs and bacteria.

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