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SPONSORED: How to get your skin fresh for spring

Get your skin ready for spring. Credit: Getty Get your skin ready for spring. Credit: Getty

Burr…it is cold outside! Spring officially started March 20th, but we are still feeling the tail end of this cold weather. As we transition from winter to spring, there are several things to keep in mind to help your skin have that renewed and fresh feeling.

Exfoliation: It is time to shed not only your winter coat, but any dry skin that winter left behind. One way to accomplish this is through exfoliation. While there are prescription strength products that help the top layer of the skin cells turn over faster, there are several over the counter products that can help to reveal that warm weather glow. Products that contain salicylic acid and a glycolic acid complex that will really help remove any unwanted skin cells without being too harsh.

Blemish prevention: Warmer weather also can bring increased acne breakouts. Skin can be very sensitive to weather changes and with more sweating can come more heat and problems. You want to make sure that you wash your skin with a good gentle soap at least twice per day and especially after sweating.

Moisture balance: Our skin generally requires less moisturizers as it heats up. It can be difficult to find that balance between something that will keep our skin from feeling dry, but not looking overly shiny. There are several good over the counter moisturizers that trap in the moisture without clogging your pores.

Travel protection: Spring is a great time to travel for leisure or to visit family and friends. Unfortunately, in addition to losing one hour of sleep for daylight savings, you might be traveling to a different time zone or just not getting that recommended seven hours of sleep. All of the fun can take a toll on our skin and can result in puffiness under the eyes. Keeping up with sleep and some more potent eye creams can usually do the trick.

Post provided by Dr. Angela Lamb

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