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Sports betting 101: Parlays

SugarHouse Casino MetroBet sports betting 101 parlays

Once you get the hang of point spread betting, you may want to try parlay betting.

Parlays at MetroBet.us/Sugar are bets that involve multiple teams winning and/or multiple prop bets hitting.

Why make a parlay bet?

Well, there are typically much larger payouts involved in parlays, when compared to a single-game bet.

At MetroBet.us/Sugar, you will see in the left-hand column that there is an option for a “Jackpot Parlay.” Last Thursday, the Jackpot Parlay was up to $97,019. Not too shabby of a payday!

Here is how it works:

– Pick the sport you want to bet on and select multiple sports to build a combination bet on several sports.

– Choose the time frame you want your bets to be selected from. When using shorter time frames, it is possible that there are not enough upcoming events for the selected sports. In that case, just add more sports of your liking or increase the chosen time frame.

– Keep in mind that selecting live bets increases the chance of the odds changing before you have the chance to place the bet.

Another parlay option is to simply bet on multiple teams to win in one night (or one NFL weekend). For instance, if you bet $100 on the Phillies to win their game at +105, the Yankees to win their game at -148, and the Twins to win their game at -235 in a three-team parlay, you would have combined odds of +392. If all teams were to hit on their respective money lines, you would win the parlay bet and receive a payout of $492.49.

The great thing about online betting at MetroBet.us/Sugar is that you can take your time in building parlays.

To take advantage of the SugarHouse exclusive Jackpot Parlay and/or regular parlays, go to MetroBet.us/Sugar now and enter the promo code METROBET.

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