MLB Baseball Playoffs Schedule
Rafael Devers and the Red Sox will open their ALDS series next Thursday, Getty Images

A glance at the 2017 MLB baseball playoffs schedule, with a focus on American League teams - the Twins, Yankees, Indians, Red Sox and Astros. The following is the most likely scenario heading into the weekend. The schedule will be updated when the match ups are finalized along with start time for each game.  


Thursday, Oct. 5

Game 1: Twins/Yankees at Indians


Game 1: Red Sox at Astros


Friday, Oct. 6

Game 2: Twins/Yankees at Indians

Game 2: Red Sox at Astros


Sunday, Oct. 8

Game 3: Indians at Twins/Yankees

Game 3: Astros at Red Sox


Monday, Oct. 9

Game 4: Indians at Twins/Yankees*

Game 4: Astros at Red Sox*


Wednesday, Oct. 11

Game 5: Twins/Yankees at Indians*

Game 5: Red Sox at Astros*