1 Can LT?keep it up after the bye?

LaDainian Tomlinson is on pace for his best rushing season since 2007 and his average yards per carry is at a six-year high. Opposing defenses are getting tired of seeing his calf muscles, each emblazoned with a Jets tattoo, speeding out of their grasp in the open field.

Tomlinson, who turned 31 in June, had just 243 touches last season in San Diego. He’s projected to have 296 touches this season. There has to be a concern among the Jets coaching staff that Tomlinson might burn out before the postseason rolls around.

The team will be fine if Shonn Greene picks up the pace. At 25, it’s hard to see if Greene is conserving his energy for a second-half charge (just 323 yards this season) or if last season’s playoff performance was simply a tease.

2 Is The Sanchize for real under center?

Mark Sanchez didn’t throw a single pick through the first five games and yet the second-year QB was playing anything but timidly.

Sanchez got into pick-off funks as a rookie and has a tendency to lock into one receiver. The turnovers could come in bunches in the next month when he plays two of the league’s top eight secondaries.

3 Do they need Revis to be 100 percent?

Darrelle Revis (hamstring) announced he was 100 percent yesterday. The team needs him to stay that way.

The Jets are playoff contenders without Revis, especially given the return to form of Antonio Cromartie and the rise of young players such as Drew Coleman and Dwight Lowery. But a healthy Revis makes them a Super Bowl contender.