1. Will Moss grow on Revis Island?

It may not be the most important matchup on the field, but by the time Sunday afternoon rolls around, the Randy Moss-Darrelle Revis showdown will be what draws all the eyeballs.

Revis holds the recent edge, in particular last year when the Patriots’ disgruntled wideout had just nine catches and 58 yards combined in two meetings. Moss’ yards per reception were cut in half over his season average as he struggled to get open against Revis. It prompted the corner to call out Moss as a “slouch.”

“There is only one corner in the league that would dare to go against Randy Moss one-on-one and that’s Darrelle,” Jets coach Rex Ryan said.


2. Can the Jets bounce back from Week 1?

Gang Green’s locker room was silent after Monday’s deflating loss to Baltimore. So much for that preseason swagger.

By gametime, the Jets hope the ringing in Dustin Keller’s ears is gone after getting leveled by Ray Lewis and he remembers how many yards are needed to gain a first down.

“I’ve been dwelling on that last game, but as a coach, I think you can’t wait to get out there again and play somebody else,” Ryan said. “Now, the unfortunate part is we’re playing New England who probably looked as good as anybody that played last week.”

True story. The Pats raced out to a 31-3 lead against the Bengals in Week 1.

3. Will Sanchez earn a passing grade?

It may be time to take the training wheels off second-year quarterback Mark Sanchez and let him make some plays.

Sanchez threw for just 74 yards against a depleted secondary in Week 1 thanks to unimaginative play calling and miscues from the whole unit. Last year, the Jets won games late in the season and twice in the playoffs when they asked Sanchez to limit mistakes. This year, they may lose if they don’t let him take some chances.

“I think we just hurt ourselves because when we did throw the ball down the field we didn’t get set before the play,” Sanchez said.