Brandon Marshall and the passing game hope to continue recent success in Week 10.Getty Images

Heave ho, one in a row.

The New York Jets won on Sunday, ending a two-game skid where they struggled mightily on defense. Their win over the Jacksonville Jaguars had flaws, lots of them, but it was a victory that wasvery much needed.

Now at 5-3, they look like a playoff team again. Panic be gone.

And now, Thursday night against the Buffalo Bills and their head coach Rex Ryan, the Jets can take a nice step forward towards the postseason. A win against a divisional rival also in the playoff mix would be huge at this juncture of the season, helping them and hurting their opponent. And a sixth win in their first nine games would put them in a nice spot for their first winning season since 2010.


When, ironically, Ryan was their head coach. Oh the intrigue.

Three Things to Watch from the Jets in Week 10:

Defensive Watch

Shockingly so, it is the offense that appears further ahead of the defense at this point of the season with the secondary in shambles. Cornerback Antonio Cromartie likely won't play, perhaps a blessing in disguise given his terrible performances the past two weeks. There's also the beaten and bruised Buster Skrine, who hasn't had a very good month. Look for Marcus Williams to get the start outside for the Jets to spell Cromartie. After last Sunday's two interception performance, he should have plenty of confidence going up against some talented Bills receivers.

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Finding a Ground Game

The Jets have had major issues running the ball over the past three games as an injured Chris Ivory has yet to get going in recent weeks. Last week's 26 yards on 23 carries was the second straight game where he has averaged 1.1 yards per carry. It won't be easy to get going as the Bills are fifth in the league in run defense, a clear-cut strength of their unit. This is not the best defense, at least on paper, for Ivory to snap out of his rough spell. Perhaps the return of Bilal Powell will help the Jets get running the ball again.

The Return of Rex

As if it hasn't been dissected a hundred different ways by now, this will be the return of Rex Ryan to MetLife Stadium, going up against his old Jets team. For the past six years, the Jets lived and breathed every word from Ryan, who shed tears in front of his team and passionately defended them. Now, he's taking shots at the team that gave him a head coaching job when no one else would take a risk on him. 'Jets Nation' has noticed and the atmosphere should be electric. This might almost feel like a playoff game.

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