1 It’s probably best not to call out Revis

The mouthy Bengals duo of Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens, who called cornerback Darrelle Revis “average,” had just 58 yards in a Thanksgiving Day loss to the Jets.

“He called me average and I showed him how an average corner plays,” Revis said. “The stats don’t lie.”

It seems anytime anyone calls out Revis he responds in a big way. Fair to assume Rex Ryan hopes Tom Brady has something to say about him this week.

2 They may own the best slash player in the NFL

It was a career night for the Jets’ most versatile player as Brad Smith churned out 200 yards of total offense and two touchdowns, including one on a kick return with one shoe.

“I think one of the guys dove and tried to tackle me and kind of knocked it off,” Smith said. “I was running and trying to stick my shoe back on. After a while, I just said, ‘Forget it.’”

The Jets would be wise to give him around 10 offensive touches next week.

3 Let’s not get too high on the passing game

The Jets were supposed to carve up a depleted Cincinnati secondary. Mark Sanchez, though, threw for just 166 yards and threw an interception for the sixth straight game.

“I just had a couple bad throws. The reads were there, but the throws were just off,” Sanchez said.

Remember, Sanchez hasn’t faced a top-10 pass defense since a Week 8 shutout loss to Green Bay.