1 There is no elite team this season

We’re not saying there aren’t any potentially great teams in the NFL right now.

But if they’re out there, they haven’t shown themselves this year.

Indianapolis’ win over Kansas City knocked off the last unbeaten, and only four teams — the Jets, Ravens, Bears and Falcons — are 4-1. They’re all very good, but they certainly have flaws, too.

It could very well change, but we’re not seeing an odds-on Super Bowl favorite.

2 It’s time for Brett Favre to hang ’em up

Every week, it looks more and more like Brett Favre made a mistake coming back to the Vikings.

He’s coming dangerously close to embarrassing himself — both on and off the field.

He has a 67.0 passer rating through four games, and has completed just 56.5 percent of his throws. Five TDs and seven interceptions won’t get it done.

By the way, if he were sitting at home, he wouldn’t have to deal with sexting questions at news conferences.

3 Two awful franchises might be headed up

The Lions and Raiders have been running jokes in the NFL for years.

It might not stay that way for too much longer.

Both showed us something Sunday. Detroit had its way with St. Louis in a 44-6 win (with Shaun Hill, of all people, under center), and Oakland hung with a half-decent San Diego squad long enough to steal a 35-27 victory.

Both franchises are still a long way from being respectable. But the bad times won’t stick around forever.

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