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5 Best TV shows of 2010

No surprise, as ‘Mad Men’ takes the top spot in Metro’s best of TV 2010 picks.

The Top 5

1 “Mad Men”
2 “Modern Family”
3 “30 Rock”
4 “The Walking Dead”
5 “16 and Pregnant”/ “Teen Mom” (tie)

Editors’ panel

»Snubbed by The Golden Globes. Snubbed by my co-workers. What does it take to give U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens, all Old Western sensibility and swagger on “Justified,” the love he deserves? –Amber Ray

» I wanted to like “Justified,” but Timothy Olyphant’s giant, gleaming veneers truly scared me away. Seriously, they can hardly fit in his mouth. –Dorothy Robinson

» It’s sort of maddening and wonderful at the same time seeing “Mad Men” and “30 Rock” get heaped with praise year after year. I feel conflicted — happy that they put
out a consistent quality product (and that Jon Hamm is involved with both), but bored with seeing the same top dogs. –Heidi Patalano

» I might agree, but I kind of like the predictability: Even on the weakest episode, you know Tina Fey will be good for some solid laughs. And even at his drunkest and saddest, you know you’d go home with Don Draper. –Monica Weymouth

» “Mad Men” feels like a necessity more than entertainment that you watch at home every week. It’s like I’m checking in to learn about what happened to these people who are frozen from 50 years in the past or in an alternate universe. Each episode is processed like learning rumors of people I know, rather than fictional characters. I carry it around with me all week, like, “Whoa, I can’t believe that Don ended up [insert spoiler here].” –Pat Healy

» Speaking of whoa: “Teen Mom” and “16 and Pregnant” aren’t the best TV in the world, but watching the poor life-choices of those girls makes me feel better about mine, such as the whole “I’m going to be an English major!” debacle a few years back. –DR

» On the opposite end of the family TV spectrum, “Modern Family” rules! If they can keep combining comedy with positive examples of the inter­twined units that actually make up a modern family, they’ll have a great run. What I worry about is how they’ve occasionally gotten a little too schmaltzy and Hallmark card-ish this season. –PH

» I really dig “Modern Family,” but there’s a “Dawson’s Creek” deal going on with the kids. Or do kids really talk like that? Or does nobody notice because Sofia Vergara is on screen/may be on screen in the near future? –MW

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