Now this is a football game with story lines.


The buildup to last week’s Patriots opener against the Bengals was nice, with Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens in town. But truth be told, it never really got our attention on a visceral level.


Sure those guys are good on the field (and annoying off it), but so what? There’s a million of that type of player.


But there’s only one New York Jets.


Gratuitous use of Ines Sainz photographs, talk radio screaming, Tom Brady using the word “hate” ... this is what the NFL is all about.

We needed something to sink our teeth into with the Red Sox all but dead in the water and the Bruins and Celtics a month away. Well, we got it.

The NFL has what every other pro league wishes it did — a ready-made hype machine that runs on “11” (one more than “10,” after all) for a full week. Sometimes it’s much ado about nothing. And sometimes there’s a can’t-miss rivalry game packed full of stud players with pole position in the playoff race on the line.
That’s this one.

Enjoy it.