Randy Moss was at Faneuil Hall yesterday promoting Capital One’s “Invisible Bank.”


What Moss doesn’t know is whether he’ll be cashing in off the Patriots’ bank account after this season — and his frustration showed Sunday.


“That was my first time talking to the media – OTAs, passing camp, preseason,” Moss told Metro yesterday. “So all of that contract talk about Randy Moss [built up]. But mine was more of getting it off my chest before it got to a point before it would explode.”


Moss claims all he wanted to do was state that he wanted to remain a Patriot — but that if he doesn’t, people have to understand it’s a business.


Regardless, playing his contract out this season is a new experience for Moss — which might explain his handling of the situation.

“It’s a different feeling man, because you have so many what-ifs in your mind,” Moss said. “That’s all I’m saying is that I have so many things going through my mind that I’d never had to worry about in my 13-year career. Now that I have to worry about it, instead of letting it boil and grow to where it’s going to bust, I just felt it was a time to get it out.”

Though Moss wouldn’t get into details, he said has met with Bill Belichick since the news conference rant. Belichick told him to just keep performing.

“I think Bill has seen my focus and how straight tunnel vision I am about this season,” Moss said. “So he doesn’t want to mess me up or have me come in here and mess the team up with any words that I say. So he just basically told me lay low.”