Aaron Hernandez's letter. Photo via TMZ. Aaron Hernandez's letter. Photo via TMZ.


Apparently, fat bottomed girls make Aaron Hernandez’s prison world go round.



TMZ has gotten hold of a letter allegedly written by the former New England Patriots player and murder suspect, 24, that contains a doodle of a naked woman – with a healthy booty.


Above the drawing, Hernandez wrote, “Dats a bad bitch.”

The letter, dated Nov. 17, 2013, wishes the recipient a happy Thanksgiving, and apologizes for the tardiness of the correspondence.

"What up brotha?...I really appreciate your letter and I mean that! Whats crazy is when you described scorpio, plus the person I was, you were right on point to the tee!"

Hernandez goes on to talk about his father, believing in himself ("People call it cocky"), and his mutual respect for his "brotha."

A post script asks his buddy to "Please keep private! I know you will, just sayin!"

The full letter can be viewed on TMZ.com.

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