Two days after Tiger Woods said he was taking a break from golf, Accenture Ltd. said it is taking a permanent break from him.

The global consulting firm became the first sponsor to completely end its relationship with Woods. Accenture had been a sponsor for more than six years.

“After careful consideration and analysis, the company has determined that he is no longer the right representative for its advertising,” the company said yesterday.?“It wishes only the best for Tiger Woods and his family.”


The announcement comes a day after Gillette said it will not air any advertisements containing Woods. After marital problems, alleged affairs and a leave of absence from golf, it appears Tiger is not “The best a man can get.”

The world’s No. 1 golfer, though, still has some backers. Nike, EA?Sports and Gatorade have all stated their support for Woods. AT&T, which has its logo stamped on Tiger’s golf bag, said it was reviewing its sponsorship.

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