After Manning deal, where will Tim Tebow go now?

Peyton Manning has signed with the Broncos, so the most important question is, "What happens to Tim Tebow?"

Peyton Manning has signed with the Broncos, so the most important question obviously is, "What happens to Tim Tebow?"


Metro takes a look at what happens next with the Wonderboy.



Broncos keep him

How long will Peyton Manning really last anyway? One play? OK, maybe that's being a little too cynical. But at best he only plays a few years. Then what? You're left with no quarterback. The Broncos are going all in with Manning, why not limit the risk a little? Besides, maybe he can play a little fullback, H-back and tight end. Mel Kiper has always said that's his eventual position.

Likelihood (scale of 1-to-10): 3


Unfortunately, this is probably unlikely. Manning will be signing a fairly large deal and Tebow already signed a five-year, $11.25 contract after he was drafted. It's not unmanageable, but we assume the Broncos just want to cut bait with him. John Elway has never liked him, as was readily apparent all season.

He's traded to the Jacksonville Jaguars

Everyone in Jacksonville is already picketing outside their stadium, declaring Tebow must be brought in immediately. Well, everyone but Blaine Gabbert, the guy they drafted last year in the first round. Gabbert was lousy in 2011 (2,214 passing yards, 12 TD, 11 INT), but he was a rookie. You can't waste a first-round pick one year later by bringing in a new QB. Besides, the Jags had a chance to draft him in 2010 and they took defensive lineman Tyson Alualu instead.

Likelihood: 5

We'd never rule out such an inept franchise from doing something stupid. And they have a new owner, Shahid Khan, who might want to make a quick ploy to grab the fans' admiration after insulting them a few weeks ago.

He retires and becomes a minister

Gotta keep you on your toes. But don't laugh, he's already said he would like to go into the ministry after his career and he was raised by Christian missionaries.

Likelihood: 1

Tebow is too prideful to quit on football now. But in a few years, watch out general managers.

He's hired as an assistant coach for Ohio State

Urban Meyer, the new head coach at the Ohio State University, thinks of Tebow as a son. Maybe more so than his actual son (retire to spend time with family? Pfft, yeah right). We wouldn't be surprised to see Tebow hop on the staff at Ohio State. He'll need a job that pays once he washes out of the league in a few years.

Likelihood: 2

Much like the last option, he wants to prove all those doubters wrong. Tim Tebow isn't a quitter. He is looking in a mirror right now and yelling a pep talk at himself.

He's traded to the Miami Dolphins

Miami is interviewing Alex Smith, who might be returning to San Francisco. They struck out on Peyton Manning and the Redskins moved up to draft Robert Griffin III. Steelers safety Ryan Clark joked this weekend that no one wanted to sign with Miami. So a trade it is! Miami isn't Jacksonville, but it is Florida. They'd love to have him.

Likelihood: 8

This is the best option by far. It works well for the Dolphins and Tebow should be an instant fan favorite. New coach Joe Philbin is a pro-style QB guy (he comes from Green Bay), but it's tough to win without any quarterback.

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