Allen Iverson, Big 3, basketball
Allen Iverson.

Right up there with the phrase, “never meet your heroes” is “never watch your NBA heroes play in an old man’s league.”

Ice Cube’s Big3 league was a cute idea, and I’ll still watch that over the Little League World Series, the strongman competition or whatever other crap ESPN is showing on a lazy Saturday afternoon in the summer. But the nostalgia act is already wearing thin. It’s hard to get too pumped up over Cutino Mobley jacking ugly 3-pointers and Jermaine O’Neal getting hacked over and over again in slow motion.

Allen Iverson knows when to quit as he did not show up for his latest Big 3 game. Iverson was reportedly out until 3 a.m. at a Chicago-area casino the night before a game in Dallas.

Can’t imagine these guys are making enough money to feel the need to be, ya know, responsible the night before a game.



For the record, Iverson was averaging a team-low 2.0 points per game prior to his no-show.

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