Amar'e Stoudemire penned a poem to New York Monday.Getty Images

How low have things gotten in New York when it comes to pro sports?

Fans are actually sad to see Amar’e Stoudemire leave town.

During the city’s glory days, an injury-prone, ringless superstar player who never lived up to a monster free agent deal would have been driven straight to JFK without a thank you, and most likely with a parting middle finger. It really, truly wouldn’t have mattered or not if he was a “nice guy.”

Instead, the back-and-forth between Stoudemire and Knicks fans got pretty sappy, pretty quickly Monday afternoon after it was announced in the a.m. that he and the Knicks had reached an agreement on a buyout.


Stoudemire posted a poem on his Instagram account Monday, thanking the city:

“NY NY what a beautiful city, a place where you can hang out with Anna, Jay-Z and Diddy; It’s a place absent of excuses and patience, if you’re smart you can meet leaders of every nation; NY NY big city of dreams, everything in NY isn’t always what it seems; In the land where the jungle is concrete, the money flows Dow Jones and Wall Street; Home of #STATcity and the #Knickstape Originator, Shalom to all my fans, Salute to all my haters. Peace and Love, Amar’e Carsares Stoudemire Sr.”

Touching. It reads like something that was written by someone who traveled the Canyon of Heroes 12 times and someone who had spent his entire career in NYC (Amar'e spent eight years in Phoenix, compared to just five in New York).

A couple of Tweets from Knicks fans Monday: @CMSexton: “Amar’e, you were a great Knick. You got us Melo, and your streak of 30 point games was one of the best stretches of Knick fandom in years.”

@jstar277 Amar’e thanks for being a great #knick #nyk”


Oh, and you know those pointless CBS Sports Radio minutes on WFAN in which John Feinstein rambles on about Georgetown girls lacrosse and Maryland basketball? Some President’s Day Feinstein fill-in actually said, “thank you” to Amar’e on behalf of Knicks fans.

Seriously, what am I missing, here?