Eagles head coach Andy Reid finally addressed the masses today, nearly a full month since his team's season officially ended. In years past, Reid would talk the day immediately after the final game. This year, however, the coach took his time as he wanted to take a step back, evaluate and look at the man in the mirror — his words, not ours.

While Reid touched on all the main talking points — the decision to bring back embattled defensive coordinator Juan Castillo, the hiring of secondary coach Todd Bowles and Mike Vick's struggles staying healthy and protecting the football — the real story was Reid's demeanor.

Andy Reid actually sounded sincere, open and honest with reporters, for a change. The press conference lasted nearly a full hour, with no snide remarks or menacing snarls aimed at reporters. He just kept talking and he even started the media session by addressing the Steve Spagnuolo rumors before anyone brought them up.

Yes, he did discuss a job on his defensive coaching staff with Spags. No exact position or title was thrown out, but a job was offered. Reid thought Spags and Castillo working together in some capacity would be "dynamite."


Reid also talked about Jeffrey Lurie's comments, in which the owner claimed 8-8 isn't good enough and basically set the mandate for a Super Bowl or bust 2012 season.

“I understand this is a business. I always appreciated the support Jeffrey has given me here, along with Joe Banner. They have given me every opportunity to win football games. 8-8 is not good enough. Everything he said I agree with," said Reid.

Lurie had also said that Reid needed to do a "better job" in dealing with the media. The coach often comes off as arrogant and rude in his postgame and day-after press conferences. That wasn't the case today and Reid tried to defend himself when asked about it. He even thanked the media for their patience for waiting so long for his end-of-season comments.

“I’m not trying to be mean or rude," Reid said. "I’m trying to make sure we stay together as a football team."

Is this a new Andy Reid? Or was it a flash in the pan? Or a one-time attitude adjustment simply thrown out to appease his bosses? Only time will tell ... but it's a start.

Got to make that change, start with that man in the mirror, Andy.

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