USMNT John Brooks Johnny Futbol Johnny Football, Ghana, United States first round win, soccer This heat map shows the Twitter activity in the U.S. before and after John Brooks winning goal.

John Brooks' goal caused Twitter to explode and there is a map to prove it.

United States Men's Team defender John Brooks - who has the nickname "Johnny Futbol" scored a goal that put the USMNT ahead to defeat Ghana in the first round of the World Cup.


The goal was seen all over the world, but the most powerful reaction was on Twitter. After his winning header to seal the deal in the first round, Tweets poured in from all over the world, but the biggest reactions were in the United States.

Twitter data website tracks tweets when they happen and builds a heat map to display the information and show you where the highest concentration of tweets are in the world in real-time.

Vine user Michael Katzrecorded the Tweet volume before and after John Brooks scored the winning goal. As you can tell by the map, Twitter was flooded with people tweeting #USMNT.

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