Anthony Davis Celtics Warriors NBA Trade Rumors both target 2020
Anthony Davis will be a free agent in two years. Getty Images

The Celtics are poised to slot into the Cleveland Cavaliers role of default Eastern Conference champions for the next few years. The Warriors, of course, aren’t going anywhere out West. So what we could see in the NBA over the next three or four years is a whole lot of the same. Two franchises in two different conferences in a power struggle for elite talent. Here are Anthony Davis Celtics Warriors NBA Trade Rumors that could heat up with a changing league landscape.

The Celtics are in a much better position to add than the Cavs were during the second LeBron era as Danny Ainge has set-up a foolproof situation for the present and future. Even if the Celtics “doomsday” proposition of Kyrie Irving leaving for the Knicks comes to fruition, Boston is armed with first round draft picks and young players. It could easily bring in another All-Star level player next summer if Irving does bolt for Manhattan.

Anthony Davis continues to be the most likely player the Celtics would target if Irving leaves next summer as it’s likely that New Orleans will finally be ready to bargain if the Pelicans have a down year, which is probable.

Boston has been linked, realistic or not, to Davis since the fall of 2016. Last summer Yahoo’s Chris Mannix wrote: “Rival executives expect Boston to be keeping close tabs on New Orleans, which is entering a critical season. The Pelicans are committed to seeing if an Anthony Davis – DeMarcus Cousins frontcourt can work but if the season goes awry, it’s widely believed the Celtics will make a strong run at Davis, who is under contract through 2020.”


Of course, Cousins is now with the Warriors and Davis has got to be frustrated that New Orleans cannot keep – let alone land star players to place alongside him. Another mediocre season, which is again likely, and he could force the Pelicans’ hand.

The Ringer’s Bill Simmons thinks Anthony Davis Celtics Warriors NBA Trade Rumors could even happen as soon as this winter.

“I’m worried about New Orleans,” Simmons said on his podcast with Kevin O’Connor last month. “The signs are there for the February Anthony Davis trade rumors. It’s kind of lurking now.”


Anthony Davis Celtics Warriors NBA Trade Rumors Both target 2020

The Celtics aren’t the only team that could get New Orleans GM Dell Demps’ attention over the next few years as the Sixers also have a cache of picks and young players ready to trade away for a third superstar. The Lakers could also opt to eventually trade away one of their young studs in order to place a top five player like Davis alongside LeBron. Here are Anthony Davis Celtics Warriors NBA Trade Rumors and how he could wind up in Golden State.

Trades of this magnitude are hard to come by in the NBA, however, as contending teams do not want to rob Peter to pay Paul. For instance, the Celtics would not want to trade away a young talent like Jayson Tatum or Jaylen Brown in order to land Davis. Boston’s perfect scenario would be for Irving to re-sign and for the current roster to compete with Golden State for titles over the next two years. Then, in 2020 when Al Horford’s contract comes off the books, the Celtics could simply outright sign Davis in free agency without giving up anything but money.

Anthony Davis Celtics Warriors NBA Trade Rumors both target

Who knows what the league landscape will look like two years from now but the Warriors are also a team that could be a player for Davis in free agency. If Kevin Durant takes off next summer or the following summer, Golden State will certainly be fishing for a star replacement. Matters will get even worse if they see Klay Thompson walk, but it’s unlikely both Durant and Thompson would leave such a rosy scenario.

Nonetheless, if Durant does go off to do his own thing (which is conceivable) – expect Davis to rise to the top of the list for a star replacement in Golden State. The Athletic’s Tim Kawakami wrote about the Warriors’ potential pursuit of Davis in June.

“The Warriors will be looking this summer,” Kawakami wrote. “But the timing might not be quite right in the short term, which isn’t a deal breaker in any way.

“Are the Warriors still targeting New Orleans center Anthony Davis? Sure. (Joe) Lacob and (Bob) Myers love to circle the best names possible years in advance of their potential availability, and figure out how they might be able to land the biggest fish out there. It used to be Kevin Durant. Now the Warriors’ biggest target is Davis and they understand that their clearest way to get him was to sacrifice several big parts of their foundation. Maybe Klay Thompson and/or Draymond Green in a trade.”

Of course, Kawakami wrote this before the Warriors signed Davis’ former teammate in Cousins. But with Durant, Thompson and Cousins all up for new deals next summer – Golden State could look a lot different in the near future. Above are Anthony Davis Celtics Warriors NBA Trade Rumors for Boston and Golden State.

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