Monster diva

Serena Williams
Did the scandalous Williams sister have on her “Poker Face” when she tweeted a photo of herself in a bra and panties? She is standing behind a sheer curtain — with one hand resting below her waistline. Serena’s been called a number of things in the last decade, but shy is not one of them.

Wild card

Brian Wilson
The Giants’ closer burst onto the scene in Gaga fashion, dying his beard black and coloring his cleats in Sharpie. He describes life as “delicious” and is as unpredictable as he is unflappable, parading out a gimp he calls “The Machine,” only saying it “comes over for sugar.”

The Fighter

Manny Pacquiao
No one wants a piece of him, yet everyone wants a piece of him. Pacman was named both Fighter of the Decade by the boxing writers and elected to Congress in the Philippines in the same year. You knew he was going to beat the hell out of Shane Mosley, but you had to tune in anyhow.


Delonte West
Who knows what he’s thinking under that headband? The Celtics’ guard has been arrested for speeding — with a gun in his waist, another strapped to his leg and one in a guitar case — and suspended. Even more bizarre, he was romantically linked to LeBron’s mom.