It looks like Jets linebacker Bart Scott can wait to talk to the media, declaring a self-imposed media boycott in response to what he sees as slanted coverage of the team.


Scott, whose “Can’t wait” interview during the playoffs two years ago is the stuff of legend, is the most vocal voice in the often-quotable Jets locker room. Scott originally called a “mutiny” before being corrected on the right terminology.


“Why would I give you quotes to sell papers when you treat us like s—?” Scott said.


The timing of Scott’s boycott is puzzling. With a big 48-28 win over the Bills to start the season, you would think Scott should be in a jovial mood, especially since he contributed five tackles. Instead there seems to be a rift between the press and a player who seems to revel in his own sound bites.


Last season, the 32-year-old had 66 tackles, his lowest tally since 2005.


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