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Watch former Mets pitcher Bartolo Colon train hard for 2017 season

The pitcher known as "Big Sexy" is making sure he keeps his nickname.

Bartolo Colon of the New York Mets hits a two-home run during the second inning agGetty Images

Bartolo Colon’s workout routine will inspire you to get off your couch and shed that winter weight.

A video showing former Mets pitcher Bartolo Colon exercising has gone viral.

MLB.com news reporter Jesse Sanchez posted a video of Bartolo Colon exercising in the Dominican Republic and preparing himself for opening day of the 2017 baseball season. Colon signed a contract to play for the Atlanta Braves.


The 43-year-old pitcher appeared to be having an intense training session with resistance bands while proving to everyone he still has a lot left in the tank.


According to Sanchez, Colon is chasing Juan Marichal’s record for most wins by a pitcher from the Dominican Republic.

While many Mets fans were saddened when they discovered their beloved starting pitcher known as “Big Sexy” agreed to sign a deal with the Atlanta Braves, this video of him working out is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face and encourage us to go out and hit the gym.

Watch the video below.

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