Ben McAdoo, Giants
Ben McAdoo and the Giants are left searching for answers after another terrible effort against the Seahawks. (Photo: Getty Images)

Ben McAdoo thinks his New York Giants have turned the corner. The question is if at 0-4, any improvement is too little, too late.




There’s no denying that the Giants, who got pushed around in the first two games of the season, have played better the past couple of weeks. That they lost on the last play in each of their last two games is something, given their rough start to the year.




And after saying that the coaching staff needs to simplify things if the Giants are going to turn things around, McAdoo sees improvement from his team the past two weeks. Not just in games but the head coach sees it in practice too.



“Our attention to detail. I think we ramped up the effort, the accountability from players to coaches and coaches to players, holding each other accountable has been a big part of it,” McAdoo said on Friday. “And the intensity has gone up, for sure.”


The Giants were overwhelmed on both sides of the ball to start the year, perhaps closing that gap a little bit in the last two games. Some of it is personnel certainly as the offensive line has a woeful lack of talent and schematically, the Giants have had struggles in their coverage on defense.


Now the question is with a dozen games to go, can the Giants turn things around in Week 5 in a home game against the Los Angeles Chargers (insert joke about Chargers games always being away games)? It  would be an epic run were they to do so, certainly, but the Giants have to take things one week at a time if they want to turn around their season.


“I just think it’s a heightened sense of a lot of things. It’s important that you don’t go out and you don’t press. We want to make sure there is clear communication, straight talk is important. I think a lot of things improved over the last couple weeks,” McAdoo said.


“The games that went down to the wire, we found a way to win a couple of those games early last year, but I don’t feel our team is really too different than it was through the first four games of last year. The difference is we found a way to win a couple games that were tight early in the season last year. We haven’t done that yet, so that doesn’t mean we are lesser of a football team at this point. But that’s where we are, that’s where we find ourselves.”​