Best NFL Eagles betting gambling game Falcons Week 2

NFL Eagles betting gambling game Falcons
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As we inch closer to the start of NFL training camps later this month, has more and more football betting options popping up on its board.

Week 1 NFL lines have been up for months, but starting this week there are now options to bet on NFL games in Week 2 right through Week 17. Smart bettors will often bet on games beyond Week 1 ahead of the season if they feel strongly one way or another on a certain team.

For instance, the Eagles are +1.5 underdogs at Atlanta in Week 2 right now at (under NFL tab, Live & Upcoming, under September 15 2019).

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If you feel strongly that this 2019 Eagles team will be a juggernaut, or you feel that the Falcons are again going to be a disappointment (they were pre-season darlings last year as well but went just 7-9) this is an excellent betting opportunity for you.

That +1.5 line is almost surely going to change, likely in favor of the Eagles given what is expected to transpire in Week 1. The Eagles should easily win their Week 1 home date against Washington (the -9 line in favor of the Birds against the Redskins is the highest spread on the Week 1 board). And the Falcons have a rugged test in Week 1, playing at Minnesota.

A big Eagles win and a Falcons loss in Week 1, will almost certainly flip this line in favor of the Eagles – so now is a great time to pounce on them as a dog at

The Falcons have gotten worse each year under head coach Dan Quinn, going from 11-5 in 2016, to 10-6 in 2017, to 7-9 last year. They also lost running back Tevin Coleman in free agency to San Francisco, meaning that the oft-injured Devonta Freeman will have to stay healthy for the full 16 games if Atlanta wants to go anywhere.

The play: $25 on the Eagles +1.5 in Week 2 vs. Atlanta

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