Futures NFL odds Miami Dolphins preview free deposit match bonus

NFL Futures odds Miami Dolphins preview free deposit match
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Football season is thankfully closing in fast as the Eagles will begin training camp in just 29 days.

Throughout the summer, we’ll be looking at NFL Futures and the general betting outlook of every team in the league. To bet on NFL Futures as well as MVP right now, go to and get a free $250 despot match bonus! Use promo code METROBET.

Today we start with the Miami Dolphins, who are most everyone’s top pick to finish with the least amount of wins in the 2019 season. At, the Dolphins have +30000 odds to win the most games in the NFL this season. Obviously you’re not going to bet on that happening, but you can bet on whether or not the Dolphins will actually be the worst team in the NFL. Under NFL Futures at you will find “General Team Markets” and “Team Specials.” Under Team Specials, there is an option to bet on “Team to win Least Games – Excluding Playoffs” and the Dolphins are the favorite at +300.

A ton of unpredictable occurrences happen throughout the course of an NFL season, so some teams that are predicted to be playoff teams could wind up being total disasters (like last year’s Jacksonville Jaguars). But sportsbooks usually have a good idea of who is going to be brutal.

Heading into the season last year, the Cardinals and Browns had the top odds to finish with the worst record. The books nailed it with the Cardinals, as they finished an NFL-worst 3-13. The Browns? Not so much as Cleveland went 7-8.

Maybe new Miami head coach Brian Flores (former assistant in New England) will bring some much-needed structure to South Beach. But it’s important to remember just how back Miami’s roster is, and also the fact that Bill Belichick disciples rarely accomplish much when they leave the nest.

Arizona outcast Josh Rosen and AFC East harlot Ryan Fitzpatrick will battle it out for the starting QB job, with the good money saying that Fitzpatrick will get the nod initially.

That might not be a good thing.

“Fitz-Magic” is very much a New York media creation. The Jets have been so bad over the years that the one year Fitzpatrick had the team in playoff contention (2015), they acted as though he was the second coming of Namath. The truth is, Fitzpatrick has never even played in a playoff game despite having been in the league over a decade and in that much-acclaimed 2015 season he laid an egg in the regular season finale in a must-win game at Buffalo, throwing three interceptions.

Then there was last year with the Buccaneers when he took over for Jameis Winston, sparking a brief “Fitz-Magic” resurrection. Fitzpatrick guided the Bucs to wins over the Saints and Eagles in Weeks 1 and 2, but that was the end of the run. In the final six games Fitzpatrick played in during the 2018 season, Tampa Bay lost all six.

The Dolphins are four point underdogs at home in Week 1 against Baltimore at The over/under for that game is set at 37, the lowest total on the Week 1 board.