Latest Sixers Raptors NBA odds line spread total betting info, advice

Latest Sixers Raptors NBA odds line spread total
Joel Embiid. Getty Images

Game 2 of the Sixers - Raptors series tonight is a tremendous betting game. 

A great place to find money during the betting year is the NBA playoffs when two strong teams face one another. You are almost guaranteed a "response game" from a good team. 

Most would consider the Sixers a "good team," and despite their clunker in Game 1 up North - we can expect a strong effort in response. Maybe that comes tonight. Maybe it comes in Game 3 at Wells Fargo on Thursday … but make not mistake, there will be a response from Joel Embiid and company.

Embiid himself has been up and down against the Raptors and in his brief NBA playoff history. He had a 14-point outing against the Raps in December but followed that up with a strong home effort against Toronto in mid-January, pumping in 34 points.

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In the postseason last year against Boston, Embiid's worst individual performance was a 15-point affair in Game 4. In the next game, Embiid scored 27 points.

In other words, Embiid responds well after a poor performance. Look for the Sixers to at least keep things much closer tonight in Game 2.

Here’s a look at FanDuel’s updated moneyline info on Sixers – Raptors Game 2:

Sixers (+225) at Raptors (-280)

A $100 bet on the Sixers to either win tonight’s game outright or lose by seven points or less (the spread is -6.5 points in favor of Toronto), would return $325.

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