Insider tips from sports betting experts: Which sites have the best odds?

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DraftKings Sportsbook at Resorts in Atlantic City. Getty Images

MetroBet is back with more sports betting insider tips. If you missed our first Sports Betting 101 session, check it out here. In session No. 2 we dive a little deeper with a look at odds research, the best sites to build parlays on, betting on non-traditional sports, and more.


Are there certain sites that have more favorable odds than others?

Definitely. It’s smart to look around. It’s like shopping. Like I really like Jacksonville this week. They moneyline was +180 at 888 and I think like +174 at FanDuel. That adds up to a big difference if you can find those type of discrepancies. – Mike B., Wilmington, Delaware

Yeah. A lot of the lesser sites sometimes have better odds. The big guys are for beginners. It’s best to look at multiple sites. – Seth T., Stamford, Connecticut


What is the best site to build parlays on?

I like DraftKings and FanDuel. In the FanDuel betslip there’s always the options for standard and “Round Robin” bets, they call it. It’s really straightforward. – Robert H., New York, New York


Are certain sites better than others at getting your payouts quickly?

The big two [DraftKings and FanDuel] are pretty standard. You’ll get a check in the mail within five days. It’s not that big of a pain. I just leave most of it in my account and then cash it out only when I really need it. I know a lot of people get excited when they win big and they want that instant payoff but it’s just as fun to see the total in your account. Especially if you’re going to keep on betting, which is what most people do. – John B., Edison, New Jersey


Are there any non-traditional sports that you bet on frequently and what site do you use?

Oh ya. Euroleague basketball is my big one. They have a lot of international sports on there that often have pretty good odds on them because everyone else here doesn’t know who’s good and who’s not. If you do some basic research on the league, you can learn it pretty quickly. I use SugarHouse for the international plays most of the time. They usually display it at the top.  - John B., Edison, New Jersey

Definitely Premier League and La Liga. Soccer’s not the easiest sport to bet on but I bet on everything. 888 is my go-to for soccer. – Mike B., Delaware