Kevin Durant NBA Trade Rumors Lakers Warriors
It is looking like Kevin Durant will really explore his options next summer. Getty Images

Kevin Durant has already shifted the balance of power in the NBA once by jumping to the Golden State Warriors. While he quietly re-upped with the Dubs the past two summers, it looks like next summer will be a “real free agency” period for Durant as he plots his next destination. Kevin Durant NBA Trade Rumors Lakers Warriors may soon heat up as he could be eyeing Los Angeles. The Warriors want to do right by one of the original members of the Golden State dynasty, as it looks as though they will stop at nothing to keep Klay Thompson in Oakland. That means re-signing Durant suddenly becomes more difficult. Not impossible. But difficult.


Thompson has stated time and again that he’s willing to take a discount to make it work. Ditto for Durant. But, all sell-out jokes aside, Durant is a fierce competitor. Coasting to another title with the Warriors this coming season is great and all, but it may already be becoming old hat.


Durant and LeBron have been playing footsies with one another all year, dating back to the All-Star game when LeBron went out of his way to team himself with KD. The two were spotted at a Los Angeles restaurant together earlier this summer, and Durant has been praising LeBron’s move to the Lakers non-stop since early July.


“I think the really great ones like LeBron have the opportunity to pick both,” Durant said at Variety’s Sports and Entertainment breakfast in LA earlier this summer. “Have a great basketball environment but also live in a place to help his business advance. He’s earned the right to make those decisions.


“I’m excited he took advantage of this opportunity to be in LA and play for the Lakers,” Durant continued. “It’s great that he decided to take his career to the next step. To be here in LA is only good for him and for us basketball players to see that.”


Kevin Durant NBA Trade Rumors Lakers Warriors

It’s become painfully obvious by now that the 2018-19 season is going to be something of a test run for the LeBron Lakers. The 2019-20 season is the one Los Angeles is targeting to make a true push for the title, and the easiest way to do so would be to swipe the best player from the league’s gold standard.

Last week the Lakers finally bought out Luol Deng’s contract, and Rob Pelinka and Magic Johnson now have $38 million to play with in free agency next summer. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski and Ramona Shelburne reported that Durant will be targeted by the Lakers, along with Kawhi Leonard – who has consistently been mentioned as a potential Laker.

Kevin Durant NBA Trade Rumors Lakers Warriors eyeing


Kevin Durant NBA Trade Rumors Lakers Warriors

Adding fuel to the Durant to LA fire is the picture below, which features LeBron playing pickup with Durant and Leonard. To be fair, LeBron often plays these exhibitions wherever he goes. This past week he played in one in New York with Ben Simmons and others.

Finally, there is the speculation that all the jabs are getting to the sometimes sensitive Durant. There was this exchange between Durant and a fan on Instagram recently.


Kevin Durant NBA Trade Rumors Lakers Warriors

Fan: KD, how do you sleep at nights knowing you ruined the league and your 3 rings mean nothing??? Must be tuff.

Durant: Nah, I sleep really well at nights.

Fan: Don’t like bruh. You joined Steph Curry. The n**** who beat you in the WCF. Weak ass move.

Durant: I know. I still get good sleep.

Fan: I respect your honesty.

Durant: You still mad?

Fan: Win a ring by your own. You still a top 2 in the league. I’m not mad.