With the week off from games, Patriots players are taking a break.

Bill Belichick -- for once -- has some plans that don't involve the gridiron, either.

From today's press conference:

Reporter: With the way you started because of the lockout, is this really the first chance that you and the players and coaches have had to take a break?

Belichick: Yeah I’d say the other ones have come in shorter, short windows. That’s about right. It’s the way it is every year really. You start training camp and you go until the bye week and then you get a little window and then you go the rest of the way.

R: Get oil changed stuff like that?

BB: Yeah, exactly.

R: Dry cleaning?

BB: Get the Halloween decorations up.

R: That’s got to be your favorite holiday.

BB: Pretty good. Candy and costumes – how can you beat that?
You just know he gives out the full-size candy bars.
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