Vince Wilfork release Vince Wilfork has played with the Patriots for 10 years. Credit: Getty Images

Vince Wilfork is a big, bitter man these days.

The Patriots defensive tackle cleared out his locker at Gillette Stadium and removed his own nameplate after the Patriots asked to restructure his contract, according to the Boston Herald.

The news of Wilfork's house cleaning came on the same day that Patriots owner Robert Kraft expressed optimism that Wilfork would remain in New England.


"In modern-day athletics, in pro sports, it's a business as well as commitment to one another," Kraft told ESPN. "We have to work through [the Wilfork situation], and I'm still not giving up hope that he'll be part of our team next year.

"We've been very close, and I'll let Vince speak to whatever he feels is appropriate. We're probably results oriented and life is about execution, so either we get it done or we don't. I very much hope we get it done and I believe [Wilfork] would very much like to do it as well. We've been so lucky to have him. So we'll see what happens."

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