Bobby Valentine bashers out in full force

Red Sox skipper hasn’t even managed regular season game No. 1 and some are calling for his head.

Maybe Jonathan Papelbon wasn't too far off. Maybe Sox fans do have more than a hint of hysteria in them.


This past weekend, there were a handful of callers to 98.5 The Sports Hub and WEEI desperately yearning for the days of Francona. Keep in mind the Red Sox are a week away from wrapping up spring training.


If you haven't heard, much of the sudden Bobby Valentine bashing stemmed from this:


Last Thursday was a great preview into what Bobby V. can and will do to stir the hardball pot. The new Sox skipper called for a suicide squeeze in an otherwise meaningless spring training game against the Yankees and was bent out of shape when New York manager Joe Girardi wanted the game to end in a tie. Much of Valentine's gripe centered around the fact that Sox reliever Clayton Mortenson (a long, long, long shot to make the team) was warming up in the bullpen and that Girardi wasn't "courteous" enough to allow Mortenson to throw.


This was the third incident this spring in which it looked like Valentine was trying a tad too hard to become public enemy numero uno in the Bronx. He had already criticized Derek Jeter's "flip play" from 10 years ago and had lauded the actions of recently retired catcher Jason Varitek having shoved his glove in the face of Alex Rodriguez (which, of course, also happened many summers ago).

Other Valentine bashers believe that he is trying far too hard to simply be different than Francona. He seems ready and willing to start the young and unproven Jose Iglesias at shortstop. He seems ready and willing to cater to Carl Crawford. He seems ready and willing to strike the fear of God into lazy veterans. He seems ready and willing to poke the bear in the Bronx every other week. And he seems ready and willing to publicly rip a player who is not playing up to par.

All of that goes firmly against the Francona grain and whether the Sox front office likes it or not, that's how it is being perceived by the 'hysterical' masses.

So, as of now, it appears that Bobby V. might care a bit too much. Of course, before he has managed Game 1 in Boston, perhaps he wishes that Red Sox Nation cared a bit less.

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