The history will be palpable this weekend when the Cubs visit Fenway Park for the first time since Sept. 11, 1918.

And few in attendance will better be able to appreciate that history than Bobby Valentine, the longtime player and manager who’s now a Baseball Tonight and Sunday Night Baseball analyst for ESPN.

Valentine played at Fenway seven times, and managed countless games there for the Rangers. He said he always recognized the majesty of the place when he stepped on the field.

“I can’t speak for every player,” he said, “but I never heard people complaining about the size of the clubhouse, or the unlit corridor down to the dugout, or even the size of the dugouts. I thought everybody always thought they were being part of history every day they got to play there.

“You could just feel it. You could feel the Ted Williams hits; the Carl Yastrzemski doubles to the gap.”

Valentine will be at Sunday’s game as part of Baseball Tonight’s weekly roadshow. Fans are invited to watch the pregame show on Yawkey Way.

“The first time up in Boston was an event,” Valentine said. “I could have stayed there all day long, being with the fans, feeling the buzz of the Boston fans walking through Yawkey Way.”