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2017 NFL Future Power Rankings - Full, complete list

A glance at 1-32 of ESPN's list
2017, NFL, Future, Power Rankings, List
Tom Brady and the Patriots come in at No. 1. Getty Images

What will things look like for the Patriots three years from now?

They’ll look pretty damn good according to ESPN’s “NFL Future Power Rankings,” which rank all the teams in the NFL in terms of future prospects. The Pats rank No. 1 out of the 32 teams.

ESPN did this based on a formula of overall roster projections (Pats rank No. 1), quarterback (Pats rank No. 7 because of Brady’s age and the unknown of Jimmy Garoppolo), coaching (again No. 1), drafting (tied for ninth), and front office (again, No. 1).

The Seattle Seahawks came in at No. 2 in the rankings, followed by the Atlanta Falcons and Green Bay Packers. Here is the complete list.


1. Patriots

2. Seahawks

3. Falcons

4. Packers

5. Steelers

6. Cowboys

7. Raiders

8. Chiefs

9. Titans

10. Buccaneers

11. Giants

12. Colts

13. Panthers

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14. Bengals

15. Broncos

16. Vikings

17. Ravens

18. Lions

19. Eagles

20. Chargers

21. Dolphins

22. Cardinals

23. Texans

24. Redskins

25. Saints

26. Bills

27. Jaguars

28. Rams

29. Bears

30. 49ers

31. Jets

32. Browns

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