Al Horford, Truthers, Celtics
Al Horford has been invaluable to the Celtics this season. Getty Images

The Al Horford Truthers have a point … the guy equals wins.


The Celtics haven’t had the greatest month of December so far as they already have three losses. Considering they only had two losses in November, and only two losses in October as well – it’s cause for an eyebrow raise.


But as long as Horford continues to be the focal point of the C’s offense, the victories will come more often than not.


The Celtics also already have seven wins in December and in six of those seven victories Horford (a “big man” at 6-foot-10 and 245 pounds) was the Celtics’ assist leader. Touching the ball at least once on almost every Celtics possession in the halfcourt has allowed Horford to post a career-high 5.5 assists per game so far this season.


He had a game-high 11 assists in a 116-111 Celtics win over the Suns to start the month, and had a game-high nine assists in the Celtics’ miraculous 112-11 victory over the Pacers in Indiana.


“All year, he’s been really good,” Celtics head coach Brad Stevens said of Horford earlier this month. "We are clearly better offensively when he is in because of the way [opposing teams] have to account for him on both rolls and pops. He’s playing at a good level.”


The future

What will drive the Horford Truthers nuts in the coming months and possibly years in the Celtics’ continued interest in New Orleans Pelicans big man Anthony Davis. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski conducted an interview with Davis recently and Davis mentioned the Celtics twice in the interview. The Celtics have reportedly been monitoring Davis’ situation in New Orleans closely as it is believed that Davis is Danny Ainge’s ultimate target with the assets he has remaining.

Davis not only plays the same position as Horford, but to make a trade work under the salary cap the Celtics would undoubtedly need to ship Horford to New Orleans as part of any deal.

Horford is also 31-years-old. Davis is 24.

One would think the ruthless Ainge would trade Horford in a heartbeat for the services of Davis, but if the Celtics continue to win at this clip and eventually morph into a legitimate challenger to the Warriors for the NBA title – Ainge may pause his pursuit.