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Bill Belichick. Getty Images

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski showed up to mini-camp in Foxboro Tuesday, likely ending the drama that has encapsulated the Patriots franchise over the past four months. There was just one sign during the day that tension remains – when Bill Belichick verbally tore into the Pats offense for a false start (Reminder: We are in the month of June).

A steaming Belichick dropped repeated F-bombs at his offense, and made the entire unit run a lap – including offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels (“that’s what you get for trying to steal my job, A-hole!”).

Who says the Patriots don’t know how to have fun?



Long tears into FOX News

You know who the man is?

Chris Long.

The former Patriots defensive end and current Eagles DE rightfully went right at FOX News on Tuesday for showing still images of Eagles players kneeling on TV while discussing Trump’s ridiculous cancellation of the Eagles event at the White House. The issue here is that the images of the players kneeling weren’t for the National Anthem. The Eagles players were kneeling because they were praying – either for an injured player during the game or after the game had concluded.

“Fox News used faith of Christian men dishonestly to push an agenda,” Long tweeted Tuesday. “That wasn’t an ‘error,’ but intentional and strategic. They’ve deleted the segment + apologized on Twitter, but many viewers don’t have Twitter. An on-air apology to all Christians would be the classy move.”

Don’t hold your breath for that one.

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