Jordy Nelson was the favorite target of Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay. Getty Images

Wide receiver Jordy Nelson was released by the Green Bay Packers Tuesday, and with the Patriots having seen Danny Amendola bolt to Miami on the same day - could New England be in the market for Aaron Rodgers' former favorite target?

The issue here for the Patriots is that Nelson will be 33-years-old in May, ancient for a wide receiver by NFL standards. Nelson will also surely command as much or more money than Amendola got with the Dolphins (reportedly two years for $12 million).

In addition, the Patriots seem invested in rebuilding their defense first and foremost this spring considering how badly it was torched in the Super Bowl by Philadelphia. The big money the Pats spend will likely go to the defensive side of the ball first.

And with Julian Edelman returning from injury, as well as Malcolm Mitchell, wide receiver is far from the Patriots' top need this spring.


ESPN's Aaron Schatz agreed that Nelson to the Patriots is a longshot.

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