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ESPN is still considered a reputable sports news source by the majority of the American public despite its egregious errors in reporting the two “gates” associated with the Patriots: Spy and Deflate.

Al Jazeera America is not considered a reputable sports news source by the majority of the American public because 1. It no longer exists; And 2. It wasn’t popular to begin with.

It is because of this that Tom Brady will always be considered more of a “cheater” than Peyton Manning was during their respective NFL careers, outside of our little New England bubble.

In case you missed it – The Hollywood Reporter last week claimed that Manning’s own lawyers – in court documents - confirmed that Manning used HGH in his playing career.


Manning’s people obviously responded by saying the new information is “absolutely false.”

In other words, this thing is going to remain a he-said, she-said for eternity.

So without any finality to this, let’s at least find some humor in it. This is from Pro Football Talk on Sunday, talking about how big Manning’s forehead is and how it may be related to HGH use (Barry Bonds had a big squash too, hmmmm):

Manning’s agent, Tom Condon, [Charlie] Sly’s comments included a claim that Peyton Manning bought HGH from the Guyer Institute, that he spent up to $20,000 per month on HGH and used up to 20 IU’s of it a day, and that excessive use of HGH resulted in “bone development” in Peyton Manning’s forehead.


Will Tom Brady show up at Gillette this week?

Tuesday could be one of the more insane days in Boston sports radio history if Tom Brady does not show up to mandatory Patriots mini-camp.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft said in May that Brady is “excited” about participating in the mini-camp that starts June 5, and that he wasn’t concerned that Brady skipped the team’s voluntary workouts.

Brady also held his “Best Buddies” event last Friday night at Harvard Stadium and was seen throwing passes to Julian Edelman, James White and ESPN reporter Adam Schefter during a scrimmage for charity. Brady has also been working out with Edelman in the bubble at Gillette Stadium recently, according to Mike Giardi.

But, if Brady doesn’t show up to work Tuesday in an official capacity?



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