Tom Brady
Tom Brady Photo by Getty Images

MINNEAPOLIS -- The City of Philadelphia caught some flak this week when its championship parade plans were leaked. But someone else (someone in the NFL, or Tom Brady himself) may be putting the horse ahead of the cart when it comes to the league MVP award.

Brad E. Schlossman of the Grand Folks Herald was the sleuth here, taking a photo of Brady's acceptance speech held by some dude. The winner of the prestigious award isn't supposed to be announced until Saturday night at the NFL Honors ceremony.

The good bet here is that someone in the NFL already told Brady that he was going to win the award and that he now has a speech prepared. If he has the speech ready and set to go and is just certain he's going to win it - that's the height of arrogance and one more reason for everyone outside of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Maine (we won't say New England here because of this) to hate Brady and the Patriots.

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