Macauley Culkin, rips, into, New England, Patriots
Macauley Culkin went on a Twitter spree during the Oscars. Getty Images

One would have thought that the Patriots hate would have died down a tad after Super Bowl LII, because – ya know, the Pats lost.

But leave it to a forgotten child movie star to drop the hate hammer.

During the Academy Awards Sunday night, right after the “Best Original Score” was announced – Macaulay Culkin tweeted, “Actually, the best original score of the year was New England 33 – Philadelphia 41.”

Ouch! Burned by friggin’ Kevin from Home Alone. Is it worse to be burned by someone relevant or someone irrelevant?


I suppose this is some level of payback for all the Atlanta Falcons 28-3 jokes made by Pats fans last year.

Culkin, a native New Yorker, has never really been known as a celebrity Eagles fan - or any particular NFL fan for that matter - so maybe he just got caught up in the Patriots hate. 


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