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Jayson Tatum and the Celtics will begin their playoff journey this weekend. Getty Images

The NBA playoffs are here and we will be updating this schedule with the latest start times and dates. The Boston Celtics are likely to start the 2018 playoffs on Sunday at TD Garden as the Bruins have an 8 p.m. playoff game on Saturday on Causeway Street. There is a small chance the Garden could cram both games in on Saturday but the earliest NBA TV slot typically open on the first day of the postseason is 3 p.m.. That may be too close for comfort for the Garden crew, so if the Celtics and the NBA can make it work – Sunday will be the day.

Given past first round NBA schedules, here is a tentative look at when the Celtics will be playing. Again, we will update when more information becomes available.

Game 1: Sunday, April 15 Bucks at Celtics (1 p.m., TNT)

Game 2: Tuesday, April 17 Bucks at Celtics (8 p.m., TNT)


Game 3: Friday, April 20 Celtics at Bucks (9:30 p.m., ESPN)

Game 4: Sunday, April 22 Celtics at Bucks (1 p.m., ABC)

Game 5: Monday, April 23: Bucks at Celtics (TBA)*

Game 6: Wednesday, April 25 Celtics at Bucks (TBA)*

Game 7: Friday, April 27 Bucks at Celtics (TBA)*

*If necessary

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