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Rob Gronkowski. Getty Images

A day after Julian Edelman was popped for using performance-enhancing drugs, another Patriots player and client of Alex Guerrero - Rob Gronkowski - may be on his way out of Foxboro altogether. 

There are strong rumblings and rumors that Gronkowski will be traded before the start of this weekend.

"I'm sitting here writing a pre-emptive blog for what might be, if true, the most stunning move of the Belichick Dynasty," Barstool Sports writer Jerry Thornton tweeted on Friday. "I'm hearing Patriots rumors. 9.5 on the Richter Scale rumors."

His boss, Dave Portnoy, was even more straight-forward.


"I'm hearing Gronk may not be a Patriot by the end of the day? If I'm right I want credit," Portnoy tweeted Friday. "If I'm wrong I don't want any blame."  

The MMQB's Albert Breer has continually mentioned the possibility that Gronkowski could be traded - dating back to the fall of 2016.

"Last week, we mentioned this in the Game Plan, and I'd repeat it - my expectation is the Patriots will be getting trade calls on TE Rob Gronkowski," Breer tweeted in April. "In fact, a couple teams told me in Orlando that they were planning on making them."

Two teams that have been mentioned as possible landing spots for Gronk in recent months have been the Buffalo Bills (Gronkowski is a Buffalo native) and the San Diego Chargers (who are in need of a tight end with Hunter Henry going down for the season). 

Updated: NBC Sports Boston's Tom Curran shot down the rumor of an imminent Gronkowski trade Friday afternoon. Of course, there is still the possibility the tight end could be traded this off-season given the contentious nature of Gronkowski's relationship with the Patriots - specifically Bill Belichick - dating back to last season. But it's not happening today.

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