Tom Brady
Tom Brady appeared on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me. Photo by Getty Images

The Tom Brady media tour made a surprise stop at NPR's "Wait, Wait ... Don't Tell Me!" over the weekend.


The New England Patriots quarterback called into the hit show to try his luck at the popular "Not My Job" segment, where he was quizzed about the classic '70s sitcom "The Brady Bunch." The episode was recorded last Thursday in Hartford, Connecticut, and made its way to airwaves just in time for St. Patrick's Day.


While the five-time Super Bowl champion is pretty good on the gridiron, he struggled to answer trivia questions about Marcia, Peter, Alice and the rest of the "Brady Bunch" gang.


Host Peter Sagal and panelists Mo Rocca and Helen Hong had some fun at Brady's expense during his appearance on the show.


"So you are the most famous Brady alive, we would wager," Sagal said. "But that's only because the classic TV show 'The Brady Bunch' is no longer on the air."


Listen to Tom Brady on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me

Aside from getting quizzed about the sitcom, Brady talked with the panel about his book the "TB12 Method," as well as his notoriously picky eating habits. The panel couldn't resist joking about Brady's approach to health and fitness.

"This is, like, a medical question. You seem to be getting younger," Rocca told the quarterback. "Whose blood are you drinking?"

Brady also had a few jokes of his own, as he called out Sagal for his lack of sports knowledge, which got the crowd laughing.

"You say in your book that you treated practices like games," Sagal said. "That when you scored a goal against your own team's practice squad, you would celebrate."

"In football, we score touchdowns — in soccer, goals," Brady responded.

The exchange prompted Hong to call the Patriots star "saucy" and Rocca to say that Brady deserves "a show on Bravo."

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