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Will Gillette ever see a Super Bowl?

Don’t hold your breath for a New England Super Bowl.

The next four Super Bowls are locked in to host cities in Atlanta (2019), Miami (2020), Tampa (2021) and Los Angeles (2022). Glendale, Arizona and New Orleans are now penciled in as the host cities for the following two years as well.

This is a lot like the Olympics thing in Boston. It’s a fun idea, but then you realize that the Econo Lodge in Sharon, and Club Alex’s in Stoughton don’t exactly scream “world class.”

Boston and its surrounding communities are the best. No place I’d rather live. But we just aren’t built to house these enormous events.


This doesn’t even factor in the cold weather problem. February in Foxboro is not fun, and there is not a good but a great chance that we would break the mark for coldest Super Bowl on record if we ever hosted the game. That record is 39 degrees.

The average high temperature in Foxboro in February is exactly 39 degrees, with a low of 20. February is also the second snowiest month in Foxboro, with an average snowfall of 10.1 inches.

No thanks.


When will Brady and Gronk arrive?

The two biggest stars on the Pats do not have much interest in working out with their teammates in May. Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski did not show up in Foxboro on Monday and it’s unlikely we’ll see either of them soon.

“That is expected to continue through the rest of the OTAs, which is going to be a couple weeks,” reporter Ian Rapoport said on NFL Network.  “This is uncharted waters for the Patriots and Tom Brady. He always shows up for OTAs as far as I can tell – this is the first time he has actually not been there.”

According to NFL Network’s James Palmer, Gronk is currently working on restructuring his contract. If it has incentives (which it likely will) that deal can’t be completed until May 24. That’s probably the earliest date we’ll see No. 87.


Golden Knights slay Celtics

Think the Celtics’ current run is improbable?

Sorry but the Las Vegas Golden Knights have the C’s beat.

At the start of this season, the Knights were 500-1 odds to win the Stanley Cup.

The expansion club is now just four wins away from accomplishing that feat.

According to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, the largest bet place on the Knights to win it all at Westgate Sports Book last fall was $60.

If Vegas winds up winning the whole thing, that lucky person will cash in on $30,000.

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