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Rob Gronkowski. Getty Images

Aside from that wind and rain that nearly destroyed the entire city, it was a good weekend for Boston.

After all, Rob Gronkowski did not tweet anything cryptic this past weekend and did not allude to retiring. Aside from a few promotional deals, the most significant thing Gronk tweeted this past weekend was, “Bands a make her dance” – an innocent reference to a five-year old rap song by Juicy J.

Gronk is totally going to be that guy when he’s 45-years-old referencing songs and pop culture moments from his 20s - as No. 87 is forever stuck in 2013. God bless him.



Bright Lights Bob

Robert Kraft added some fuel to the “baby mama” fire this past weekend in Hollywood when the Paparazzi said congratulations to Kraft and his girlfriend Ricki Noel Lander. Kraft replied with a “thank you,” and neither responded when the piranhas with cameras followed up with a, “Whose baby is it?!”

The easy thing for Kraft right now would be to lay low and stay out of, ya know, Hollywood, California. Instead, the guy seems to be embracing his own celebrity – showing up at every sporting event and social gathering known to man.

Have at it if you’re a 76-year-old billionaire I guess. But it’s seriously time for Kraft to invest in some sort of “creep consultant” to minimize all the awkwardness.


Slide the Bannister

The first person to run a mile in under four minutes – Roger Bannister – died this past weekend at the age of 88.

Growing up and doing the Presidential Physical Fitness test, I often marveled at how Bannister pulled this off. Under four minutes to run a mile surely seemed impossible – even if it was done countless times after the fact (John Landry actually did it 46 days after Bannister accomplished the feat).

It’s kind of a shame kids these days don’t have that Holy Grail of athletic achievement. Even if they do, it’s just so damn easy for other cynical kids to poke fun and say, “Yeah, but he was probably on steroids.”

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