Not many wide receivers have made it off Revis Island. Randy Moss expects to be one of them.


On Sunday, the Patriots and Jets will meet for the first time since Darrelle Revis called Moss a “slouch” over the offseason.


Jets coach Rex Ryan told the New York Daily News on Tuesday that Revis is the only guy in the league who can cover Moss without help. Moss was quick to disagree with Ryan’s comments.


“First of all, you have to determine what covering me is,” Moss told Metro. “Is it covering me with leaving that safety in the middle or is it covering me one-on-one with the safety favored over the top?


“Because that’s not one-on-one — and I’ll tell any cornerback that. If you’re going to cover a man one-on-one, you tell your coach to leave that safety in the middle and then cover me or cover this man.”

Either way, Moss promised he won’t “slouch” around on Sunday.

“Revis is a hell of a football player, and I got a lot of respect from him,”?Moss said. “I gained it last year, don’t get me wrong, he gained my respect last year — and not against me. He gained my respect going against other teams ...

“So now that he’s gained my respect for who he is and what he does, now I have to be on my P’s and Q’s. So that’s me being on my toes.”