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Brotherly love: Cullen Jenkins gets the best of Kris' team

Cullen Jenkins beat his big brother's team yesterday.

Perhaps it should be no surprise that Cullen Jenkins, the little brother of Jets defensive tackle Kris Jenkins, would be a colorful figure. After all, big brother is one of the most outspoken members of the New York defense, a player who loves to mix it up with some jawing on the field and the sidelines.

Wearing a bright blue shirt, sporting a Mohawk haircut and a layer of gold chains draped around his neck not to mention earrings that dangled with large feathers at the end, Cullen cut quite a figure in the Packers locker room following Green Bay’s 9-0 win over the Jets yesterday. The two brothers had a chance to spend some time together on Saturday evening at the Packers’ hotel, despite the fact that Kris Jenkins is out injured for the season. Little brother had a solid afternoon for a makeshift Packers defensive line, combining on a tackle and deflecting a pass.

But the weekend for him, was all about seeing his brother.

“He brought over some crabs and we sat around and ate,” Cullen said. “It was good to see him again, it’s been awhile.”

He can’t remember the last time he’s seen his brother but he knows that the next time the two meet, he won’t be rubbing in the Week 8 victory over the Packers.

"You can only do that in games that you both play in,” he said about bragging rights.

Cullen expects both men to be playing in Week 1 of next season.

“Yeah, I know he talked to Bruce Smith recently about how best to comeback from that type of knee injury, and Bruce is the guy to talk to about that,” Cullen said. “I know he wants to go out on his terms, his own way and that he’ll be working hard. That’s what he wants to do, at least.”

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